10 Ways to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

I love Fall. Sure, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, but after a hot, busy Summer it can be refreshing to embrace the lower temperatures and take in the bright colors and fresh air of Fall.

It's not always as long or as consistent as we would like -- some of us are facing an early blizzard while others are bearing days of stifling heat in Summer's wake. The good news is, by making some small changes in your home, you can trick yourself into achieving those #FallVibes we're all craving this time of year. 

In putting this list together, we realized that all of our recommendations involved each of the 5 senses! So buckle up for an immersive Fall experience in your own home, blizzards and heatwaves be damned!


1. Declutter your space

We've mentioned this as a great task for the end of Summer (#3 in our list of 10 Things to Do in the Final Days of Summer), but if you haven't gotten to it, now's the perfect time! After a busy Summer, we often find that we've accumulated some clutter in our home (have used sunscreen bottles by the back door, so many hats that never really found a home, flip flops we keep forgetting to grab out of the car, etc). By spending just a few hours cleaning and tidying up your space, you'll gain that same sense of relief that you feel after a big Spring cleaning. It's a great first step to relaxing and embracing the coziness of Fall.

2. Gourds!

Our favorite way to accent our home decor for Fall is with the warm, welcoming colors of a few small gourds. There's no need to deck every flat surface in your home with them -- we prefer to arrange a minimalist coffee table centerpiece with a few gourds and a candle or two (read on for our candle recommendations).

Decorative Gourds

A nice flower from the Farmers Market never hurts either!

Pro tip: while gourds will usually last for a month or longer before softening, your mileage may vary and the bottoms may soften a lot before you notice anything visually amiss. Arrange gourds on coasters or a platter to prevent them from damaging your surfaces.


3. Get your Fall Playlist Ready ...

We personally have Fleetwood Mac on heavy rotation because it feels like the perfect backdrop to a cozy evening lounging at home in flowy clothes (maybe casting some spells, who knows?) like our favorite Fall kaftans. Fall = #StevieNicksSeason in this house. 

Chill Out and Debut Dabu

Two of our darker hued kaftans that embrace the #FallMood


4. Candles

Nothing brightens up a cozy space for Fall like a nicely scented candle. We love to rotate a few subtle scents throughout the Fall to keep our nose "on its toes".

This year, some of our favorite candles come from (Less Than) Ladylike Candle Co. We're convinced that their soothing autumnal Sweater Weather scented candle is the actual olfactory embodiment of Fall! We also love the woodsy, herbal fireside aroma of their Witchy Woman scented candle.

Sweater Weather

We love Less than Ladylike's sense of humor, each soy candle has a clever name. Photo: Less Than Ladylike Candle Co on Instagram.

Our other favorite candles come from Sun Theory Co, who recycles materials for their candle vessels (like we do when we're selling succulents at events!). They also use natural soy wax, eco-friendly wicks and high quality oils, so you're getting a candle you can feel good about burning! For Fall, we especially love their Fireside and Macintosh Apple scented candles.

Suntheory Candle Making

Sun Theory's candles are also natural, vegan, and eco-friendly! Photo: Sun Theory on Instagram.

5. DIY: Stovetop "POT-pourri" 

POT-pourri because it's... in a pot on the stove. Get it? Haha.

If your landlord doesn't allow burning candles, or if you've got a pesky cat that's always trying to knock them over, try making a delightfully scented stovetop potpourri. There are plenty of "recipes" on Pinterest, but the general idea is you boil a pot of water, throw in things that give off a Fall-like scent, and then simmer super low! We tend to add cinnamon, cloves, and orange to our stovetop potpourris; we plan to try this combination soon.

Disclaimer: Check on your potpourri periodically to make sure there's still water. Please don't burn down your house with your stovetop potpourri OR your candles.


6. Get Excited for Seasonal Recipes & Cocktails

We love hosting people for autumnal themed parties! The weather is a little cooler and the bugs aren't in full force, so sitting outside (or inside an apartment without central air) is more pleasant than in the height of Summer. Every autumnal party needs appropriate appetizers and drinks to go along with the theme. 

In general, you can get in the Fall spirit by incorporating warm spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg) and seasonal produce (apples, squashes, pears, cranberries) into your food and drinks! If you're at a loss, at least switch your wine from brut rosé to red!

We'll post some of our favorite, ORIGINAL Fall appetizer and cocktail recipes in the coming weeks; like our Fall bruschetta and sangria combos!

Sangria and Snacks

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7. DIY Pumpkin Spice

We know, we know. Pumpkin spice is over-commercialized and played out. That doesn't stop us from enjoying it every Fall. While you always have the option of getting your pumpkin spice fix via a drink at Starbucks or a premade spice blend at the grocery store, we recommend that you make your own pumpkin spice. It's super easy -- just 4 ingredients -- and it provides a delightful aromatic boost to our morning coffee, especially when combined with a little local honey.

8. Comfort Cooking Tools

If they've been dormant all Summer, now's the time to bust out all your favorite comfort cooking tools and decide what delicious savory aromas to fill your home with this Fall. That means slow cookers, dutch ovens, cast iron skillets, immersion blenders! You get the picture. Some of our favorite recipes for Fall are:


9. Throw Blankets

At some magical moment this Fall, you'll be sitting on the sofa and realize, "I'd be more comfortable with a warm, fluffy, fuzzy blanket right now." Don't allow this moment to catch you off-guard. Get those throws out now and position them where they'll be most enjoyed!

10. All the Cozy Things!

We're unreasonably excited to break out our fuzzy socks, scarves and shawls. Just don't forget to wash them before you put them on -- no one wants to go around smelling dusty. 

Chill Out Cozy

Fuzzy socks and a warm cup of tea pair great with our Chill Out kaftan.

Hope you liked our list! If you need me, I'll be wrapped in many blankets with a steaming mug of pumpkin spiced coffee and a good book, with Rhiannon playing in the background.

I'm excited to hear your additions to our list of ways to transition your home from Summer to Fall! Let us know what they are in the comments.

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