5 Occasions to Wear a Kaftan this Fall

Many kaftans are meant just for Summer beach wear, but Kaftan Life's collection is made from high thread-count cotton voile, which makes them great for leisure wear year-round! Let's explore 5 awesome occasions to wear a kaftan this Fall!

#0: On vacation, duh!

As we alluded to above, you're likely familiar with the use of kaftans as resort wear. The kaftan's light material and wide sleeves provide a breezy option to wear over your bathing suit while you're sipping frozen cocktails poolside!  The luxury!

This is #0 on our list, because it depends on chasing warmer weather. While travel to warmer climes is definitely a worthwhile pursuit, it isn't exactly a #Fall activity so it's getting an honorable mention in this post.

If you're lucky enough to have a tropical holiday planned, good for you! Don't forget to pack your kaftan! At the time of this post, there are still quite a few days in the 90s in the forecast, so you better believe I'm planning a few more days lounging around in the sun (with SPF!).

No Sweat Kaftan

Kaftan Life's 'No Sweat' kaftan is perfect for the pool, beach, yacht, etc...!

The beach is where the utility of many other kaftans ends. Kaftans from other brands are often limited to resort wear because they're sheer or made of gauzy materials (which honestly aren't always all that breathable!). So those kaftans may sit in your closet until you're lucky enough to book a beach vacation.

Kaftan Life kaftans, on the other hand, are made with high thread-count cotton voile, a lightweight weave that's softer, more opaque, and much better at helping your body regulate its temperature than the sheer stuff.

That means Kaftan Life kaftans are ideal for leisure wear year-round -- not just at the beach in Summer! With that in mind, let's explore 5 less obvious but equally awesome occasions to wear a kaftan this Fall!

#1: Working from Home

Am I literally typing this blog post in my kaftan, in my bed? MAYBE. 


Yes, I did wake up like this (in my Debut Dabu kaftan!).


As the days get shorter, it's a nice perk to be able to work from home so you're not departing and returning home everyday in the dark.

Wear a kaftan to take full advantage of your work from home time. In the comfort of a kaftan, you can focus on your work rather than focusing on your jeans digging into your side as you try to get situated on the couch. Bonus: your kaftan will still look presentable if your boss needs you to call in for a video conference! Quite the upgrade from leggings and an oversized t-shirt.

#2: Hosting, aka Partying from Home

What's way better than working from home? Inviting your friends over and partying from home! Seriously, I feel like hosting at home is my favorite life hack as a social but tired 30-something! 

"Hosting" can be as casual as inviting your bestie over for after-work delivery and a movie. Or you can go all out with a full-fledged party where you can show off your Pinteresting abilities with fancy appetizers, themed cocktails and fun decor!

A kaftan can easily transition from the kitchen, where you're putting the finishing touches on your bruschetta, to your back porch, where you can be found sipping on your Fall sangria. Even if the delivery person is the only other person "invited" to your party, your kaftan is just as appropriate luxuriating on the couch with a pizza and a friend as it is hosting a fancy Fall celebration!

Debut Dabu and Chill Out kaftans

Serving up an autumnal spread! Follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list below so you'll be the first to know when we post some of our favorite Fall recipes!

Your kaftan makes for an equally great outfit when attending an event hosted by a friend. Your friend wants to celebrate the new season of your favorite podcast by having a listening party? Wear a kaftan! Your friend is having people over to watch "the game" (go, sports!)? Throw on a kaftan and you're ready to cheer in style! Potluck pumpkin carving party? Whip up a favorite appetizer or offer to pick up wine on the way over -- you can do it all in your kaftan!

TV night

TV night gets comfy with kaftans!

#3: Holiday Travel 

I've found that my kaftan has become a year-round travel essential. For example, I just attended a bachelorette/bridal shower weekend where I shared a hotel room with friends. As soon as we got to the hotel room, we put on our kaftans and poured ourselves some wine while we caught up on each other's lives and got ready for the evening. The day after the bachelorette, I got up super early (because I'm cursed) and threw on my kaftan to go down to the hotel's cafe and drink coffee without waking up the other girls.

The travel utility of a kaftan goes well beyond a hotel room packed with your favorite college friends. It's a convenient piece to wear when you're staying with family or friends that's even more comfortable (and less embarrassing) than your leggings that might actually be see-through or your old dorky matching pajama set.

#4: Sleeping

This is the time of year when people start getting run down and sick, so make sure you're getting enough sleep!

After all the excitement of hosting, hanging out, and holiday travel, let out that drawstring and roll on up to bed in your kaftan! 

The light material of your kaftan will keep you from overheating, and its roominess will feel freeing as your drift off to sleep.

#5: Cozying Up on Self Care Sundays

What's one of the most decadent things you can do in a culture that involves working long hours, staying glued to screens of all sizes, and never really logging off? Spending some time with yourself, unplugged! For me, that usually means leaving my phone in the other room, getting some snacks together and reading.

Long cotton kaftans are actually astonishingly good at keeping you warm as you curl up on the couch with your favorite Fall-scented candle and a good book or a fun craft. Add fuzzy socks or a pair of leggings when it gets really cold and luxuriate with a mug of glühwein by the fire (or in front of a yule log video on loop!).

Chill Out Cozy In

Getting cozy in our Chill Out kaftan!

We could go on, but we hope this list inspires you to integrate this staple piece into your Fall wardrobe! What are some of your favorite ways to wear a kaftan all year long? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Occasions to Wear a Kaftan this Fall

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