Is a Kaftan the Perfect Bridemaids' Gift?

Wedding Season

Our friend, who knows how to throw an awesome wedding. Photography by Larisa Shorina

The frenzy of “wedding season” usually starts in late Spring and extends through early Fall, so February feels like an odd time to be writing about weddings. Having said that, all those weddings require a ton of planning, so many soon-to-be brides and grooms are hard at work on their late-2019 (and 2020) wedding plans right now.

I can attest to that. I got engaged this past November, and my fiancé and I have been mulling over ideas for our own wedding. Amidst all of the other wedding-related considerations I’ve been wondering, “could a kaftan be the perfect gift for my bridesmaids?”

Some Perspective

Wedding planning requires making a lot of decisions, and I find decision making easier when I think back to weddings I've attended. And when it comes to the bridesmaid's gifts I've received, the best by far have been gifts that I could actually use either the day of the wedding (hellooooo Fast Flats) or back at home (i.e. a handmade earring display).

Bridal Party

 My crafty friend made us earring holders that matched her wedding colors. Photo by Fire at Will Photography.

Earring Display

See the earring holder? Please don’t judge my decorating! Simply appreciate that this gift was functional, reminds me of my friend, and didn’t take up space in my small apartment!

These useful gift ideas got me thinking: a kaftan might just be the perfect gift for bridesmaids! They can wear their kaftans while they’re kicking back in the Airbnb after the bachelorette party, and while they’re doing hair and makeup on the wedding day (Side note: Isn’t it time we retired the silky robes? I haven’t tried it myself, but I think kaftan necks are wide enough to pull over an updo and a freshly made-up face). Not to mention, having all your bridesmaids in their kaftans during your bachelorette weekend or while you’re getting hair and makeup done would make for an awesome photo op!

And yeah, there’s something in it for the bride as well 

If there’s anything I’ve learned about wedding planning, it’s that you need to take the efficient route when you can. Kaftans are one size fits most (at least, ours are; see our fit guide), so the bride can focus on the pattern that she wants to gift to her friends instead of having to ask everyone for their size (the fatal flaw in my Fast Flats idea).

I know I’ve already mentioned photo ops, but if you really wanted to take that idea and run with it, you could easily select kaftans whose colors complement your wedding’s colors or theme and incorporate them into your wedding photography or bachelorette Instagrams.

Since I haven’t settled on a theme for my own wedding or bachelorette just yet, I’m going to take a stab at matching our kaftans to several popular wedding and bachelorette themes.

Perfect Pairings

The ‘No Sweat’ Short Kaftan for a Bachelorette Weekend in Paradise

Beach Bach

Flamingo photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash

The ‘No Sweat’ Short Kaftan is the perfect swimsuit coverup for a beach weekend with your girls! You and your girls can throw this on over your swimsuits and head to the pool or beach. Great for a bachelorette party at a luxe beach resort or a day of poolside relaxation before your big night out in Miami.

The ‘Sundaze’ Long Kaftan at Your Boho Chic or Barn Wedding

B&P Barn Wedding

My beautiful friends at their upstate NY boho barn wedding. Photography by Larisa Shorina.

Are you thinking of a warm weather boho-chic or barn wedding? The 'Sundaze' Long Kaftan celebrates nature and the vibrant colors of Summer and early Fall. Think of how good these kaftans would look while you and your girls are assembling your DIY bouquets or dare we say… flower crowns??

Sundaze Smiles

The 'Sundaze' Long Kaftan

The ‘Debut Dabu’ Long Kaftan in Attendance at your Classy Winery Wedding


Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

Winery weddings are awesome. You get the beauty of nature with the perks of a venue that's skilled at hosting upscale events. The ‘Debut Dabu’ Long Kaftan is the perfect fit. The deep colors--especially the rich merlot background--make this kaftan sophisticated, but the light weight cotton keeps it from taking itself too seriously.

Debut Dabu Wine Time

The 'Debut Dabu' Long Kaftan

The ‘Chill Out’ Short Kaftan for a Cozy Bachelorette Weekend


The view at one of the ski resorts just west of Denver, where we've been to weddings and cabin weekends.

Need an alternative to bars and clubs for your bachelorette weekend? My friends and I happen to be big fans of cabin weekends. We used to get together a few times a year, when the stress of work and city life got to be too much, and escape for a weekend to decompress. Think warm drinks, falling snow, wood stoves, and good old fashioned quality time with your girls. Oh yeah, and plenty of opportunities for outdoorsy activities like winter hikes, skiing/snowboarding, and well… you can find me in the hot tub. Throw the 'Chill Out' Short Kaftan over a pair of leggings and you & your girls will be ready to après all day!

Wintry Weekend

The 'Chill Out' Short Kaftan was made for cozy times.

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The perfect bridesmaids' gift?

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