10 Things to Do in the Final Days of Summer

Summer becomes Fall on September 23rd, just ten days from now! Use the final days of Summer to tackle these 10 late Summer activities. We promise they will leave you feeling ready to start Fall on your best foot!

1. Set your wellness goals for Fall and Winter.

As the days shorten and grow colder in the final days of Summer, it can be hard to motivate yourself to pick up new wellness habits. So take a moment now to think about the activities you’d like to try or improve at this Fall and Winter, and create a plan to dive in. Getting started now means that by the time you’re waking up and coming home in the dark, you’ll have the momentum to keep going. And whether you’re considering classes, recreational sports, or a hobby for your mental health, expressing your intent now gives you time to include others and build a support network for your new activity!

2. Reorganize and rethink your wardrobe.

As you start including more layers and fewer sundresses in your daily routine, reorganize your clothing to declutter your closet and give yourself easier access to your most useful seasonal items. Now’s when we pull sweaters, jackets and FLANNEL (YES!) out of the recesses of our closets.

Flannel shirts continue to be some of our favorite Fall and Winter items. Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash.

Image: In September, flannels return to our hangers for easier access all Fall and Winter long. Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash.

Now is also a good time to step back and think of ways that you can layer some of your warm weather favorites to keep wearing them into the Fall. Pair a flannel and boots with your favorite tank top and boyfriend jeans for a 90s grunge look. A scarf or cape adds warmth and a witchy woman vibe to a flowy dress (we call Fall “Stevie Nicks Season” in this house). And pairing leggings or fuzzy socks with a kaftan makes any rainy Fall day cozy at home!

3. Purge any clutter you accumulated over the Summer.

If your living space has gotten a little cluttered over the Summer, you’re not alone. We usually perform a thorough Spring cleaning, but over the summer we tend to accumulate some extra stuff while we’re focused on traveling, socializing and getting outdoors. So before Summer’s over, invest a few hours to give yourself the same squeaky-clean sense of accomplishment you had in Spring, heading into Fall. Your future Fall self will thank you as they’re cozying up in a fresh, tidy space.

Now’s also a great time to be mindful about the clothes you’ve had in your closet all summer. Have a cute summer top you’ve been hanging on to year after year but never wear? Instead of storing it all winter just to take up space in your closet again NEXT summer, now’s the time to let it go: donate it or offer it to a friend who would wear it.

4. Shop season-end sales.

I know, I know. We just told you to focus on decluttering. But there's a very good reason to add a few select Summer items to your wardrobe in the coming weeks.

THE SALES! That’s why. Is there a Summer wardrobe staple that you regretted not having this year? Or is there a favorite item that’s wearing out? Now’s the time to rectify the situation for next summer and save money doing it. So strike while the sales are hot by checking out the season-end clearance deals at most of your favorite online retailers, including Kaftan Life! Our end-of-Summer sale runs 9/20-9/24. Join our mailing list (sign up at the bottom of our homepage) and we’ll send you a reminder!

And like we mentioned earlier, look for outfit staples that you can transition into Fall with the addition of layers!

Kaftan Life's end-of-Summer sale kicks off soon. Join our mailing list for a reminder!

Image: Kaftan Life will kick off its End-of-Summer Sale soon! Join our mailing list to receive a reminder.

5. Go on a hike or walk.

With the (slightly) cooler temperatures but still plenty of daylight, hiking and taking walks are two of our favorite late September activities. Pick a hike to do with some friends, or if you’re confined to the city, pick a neighborhood to explore on foot. We recommend AllTrails for discovering new hiking trails (with user reviews, pics, and useful info like terrain and difficulty) in your area.

6. Go camping.

This will be out of reach for some, but we love to camp this time of year when the days are still warm but the nights start to cool down. It’s no longer a sweaty affair like it can be in the peak of Summer, and with the sun setting just a little earlier, you get a little more time each evening to enjoy the campfire.

Depending on your level of camping experience and where you live, you might opt for first-come, first-serve dispersed camping (unless otherwise marked, you can camp for free in most U.S. National Forests!). Or, take the easier route and reserve a drive-up campsite. Reserve America is a good tool for finding and booking reservation-only campsites in your area, usually for a small overnight fee.

Camping is one of our favorite late Summer activities. Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Image: Camping is one of our favorite late Summer activities. Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash.

7. Set travel priorities for the holidays.

Everyone plans for holiday travel differently. Some of us have had all our travel dates and locations set for months. Others will wait until October to figure out November travel, and November for December.

We’ve found that making some decisions around holiday travel is a great thing to do in late September. Not everything has to be set in stone, but think about how you’ll prioritize your travel options, what kind of PTO or work arrangements are feasible, and how you’ll budget. If you plan on flying late in the year, now is also a good time to set up a few airline ticket price alerts.

8. Eat ice cream…

… Or whatever refreshing Summer treat you’ll miss over the winter. That might be ice cream, shaved ice, or a frozen cocktail, like this delicious and original Blueberry Lime Frozen Cocktail! Pick something that you might not treat yourself to all Summer, but is best enjoyed on a hot day!

Our Favorite Frozen Blueberry Cocktail

Image: This Blueberry Lime Frozen Cocktail featuring gin and mint is a great way to cool off in late September. And it's easy to make in batches! Get the recipe.

9. Have a sunset happy hour.

It’s still light when most of us leave work, but that won’t be the case for long. The best way we know to take advantage of the nice temperature and light this time of year is to get together for a sunset happy hour. It’s one of our all-time favorite things to do in September. Sit outside and enjoy a drink or a meal while you still can! And of course, remember your SPF.

10. Host a weekend barbecue or picnic.

With Summer travel behind us and a long way to go before any real time off for most of us, the final days of September are a great time for a low-key get-together where you can enjoy your friends’ company—as well as the cooler temperatures—on the weekend. There’s no need to make a late Summer BBQ or picnic into a big production. At this time of year, everyone’s over it. We suggest delegating side dishes or a beverage of choice to each of your guests to keep it easy.

BONUS: Don't forget to celebrate September 21st!

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