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The kaftan has a long history and a variety of uses, which means that living the "kaftan life" can mean many different things to many different people. For us, it's a phrase that we shouted with our group of girlfriends over many wine Wednesdays; Saturday mornings spent with roommates, TV, and cold pizza; and Sunday night “family” dinners—while communing in kaftans, of course.

For us, "living the kaftan life" means making the choices that make us happy, like choosing friend-time over work-time or comfortable clothing over whatever’s trendy that day. Life is stressful, and sometimes we don’t have control over what’s causing that stress. But we do have control over what we do with our precious free time. We humbly suggest making that time count by spending it in clothes that make you feel good and, more importantly, with people who make you feel good.


Living the kaftan life means treating yourself well.

Our Mission

We're on a quest to address some of the big problems in women's fashion, by offering apparel that's exceedingly comfortable, flattering for a range of sizes and body types, and produced with the welfare of the women and men making it in mind.

Inspired by fashion from around the world, we're convinced that none of this has to come at the cost of style. In 2018, we began by designing an exclusive collection of handmade kaftans to meet these key objectives. We look forward to expanding our product catalog to include all sorts of apparel that makes us feel good inside and out.

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The ethically made Kaftan Life 'Debut Dabu' kaftan modeled in downtown Charleston


As newcomers to the apparel industry, we're committed to ethical manufacturing. For a start, we partner exclusively with WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) Platinum certified apparel producers that treat their employees well. We also set aside 1% of revenue for our evolving social mission: to support women's education and health programs in the regions that inspire our products and where our products are made.

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The 'Sundaze' long kaftan worn out in downtown Charleston

Kaftans 101

Are you ready for a history lesson? The kaftan (or caftan) had a brief heyday in America in the '60s & '70s, but around the world it has a rich history spanning over 1,300 years. Most agree that it originated in the Ottoman Empire before making its way across Asia and Africa, where it's been adopted (and adapted) by millions of people from royalty to your mom (we can't be sure, but ask!). At Kaftan Life, we design our kaftans pay homage to this complex history, while introducing some fun features of our own.

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The 'No Sweat' short kaftan modeled during a day at the beach


If it isn't already obvious, we're obsessed with kaftans. It should come as no surprise that we have a lot to say about them. In our blog, you'll find the inside scoop on Kaftan Life, useful pro tips about wearing, caring for and traveling with your kaftans, and spotlight posts featuring influencers, brands and social initiatives that inspire us.

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