Our Mission

We know what it's like to squeeze, sweat and squish our way into uncomfortable clothing, and we think that women deserve better. We also know that the fashion industry has made it acceptable to sell flimsy clothing that is produced in exploitative circumstances, and we don't think that's a great use of your hard-earned cash.

We started Kaftan Life to introduce women* to fashion that's cute, comfortable and ethically made. The kaftan is our inspiration, camaraderie is our muse, and the conviction that the world can be better is our drive. 


All our kaftans feature two-panel construction, custom prints, belled sleeves and an adjustable drawstring. They flatter a range of body types, and in a cinch (literally, just cinch the drawstring) you can shape them into the silhouette that's perfect for you.


The kaftan is a SMART garment that's perfect for lounging around at home, dressing up to go out, and packing for your next travel adventure. Ours are constructed from 100% cotton voile, a high quality woven fabric that's uncommon in the U.S., but a big hit in humid climates where the last thing you want is clingy, synthetic material. As if the U.S. isn't humid AF! Our cotton voile is lightweight and breathable without being too sheer, durable (i.e. machine washable), and so soft that you'll want to wear it 24/7.

Ethically Made

We believe that the purchases you make have the power to make a difference in the world. Where you spend your money matters, and it's up to brands like us to give you ethical purchasing choices.

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* While we at Kaftan Life are out to change the women's garment industry, we think a great thing about kaftans is their versatility for ALL genders!

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